‘Rocker’s world tour’ to kick off in India this week

Rapper and former US President Barack Obama will play rock concerts in India later this week, with the singer and his team set to unveil their latest project ‘Rocks to India’.

The project is part of a wider push by the Obama Foundation to promote a holistic approach to music.

It is set to open a major concert venue in Kolkata, India, which will also host a number of concerts on various dates, with Obama’s participation expected to be part of the festivities.

The US president, who has a busy schedule, has been a vocal supporter of rock and roll since the late 1980s, and has played concerts in his homeland multiple times, including a visit to Mumbai in 2003.

Obama will be performing on a few dates, including on December 10, the day of the Indian Independence Day celebrations, and a show on January 20.

The singer’s first concert, at the Indira Gandhi International Centre in Mumbai in June last year, attracted a record crowd.

Obama has also played a number at festivals and other events around the world, including at the London Olympics, the Sydney Olympics and the Edinburgh International Festival.