Trump slams ‘horrific’ Trump Tower evacuation plan as ‘horrible’

President Donald Trump on Tuesday slammed a plan to evacuate the president’s White House during a visit to an electricity substation that was used to power a massive new solar-powered tower at the nation’s tallest structure.

Trump, who was in Wall Street, New York, on his first trip overseas, said the plan would leave the building “a wasteland.”

The President said the new tower is expected to be completed this summer.

Trump had been criticized by some Democrats for leaving the Trump Tower empty during his presidency, though Trump said it was because he wanted to give the tower a boost to its first year of operations.

The president did not say when the new solar tower, which is scheduled to be installed in late 2018, would be finished or how much it would cost.

But he said it is “going to be a spectacular building.”

The White House’s first solar-energy tower was completed in 2019 and the solar-panel installation will start in early 2020.

The administration has already been trying to persuade people to buy solar panels.

A federal pilot program in 2017 aimed to sell 1 million panels to people in states that had already banned the installation.

But the program was suspended in 2019.

Trump has said he wants to keep the solar panels to use them to generate electricity.

The project has been criticized for being expensive and the panels are not connected to any grid, which makes them vulnerable to a blackout.

The solar-power project, which will include 1,100 residential solar panels, was completed as part of a plan approved by Trump’s cabinet last month.

It is the second solar-electric tower Trump has built in the White House.

In 2020, Trump announced plans to build a solar-based, 3-D solar-system that will be connected to the White Houses electrical grid.