‘Walled city’ mural is a new twist on city wall art

A mural is the simplest of all artwork: It’s just a simple square of painted black, white and red that you stick on a wall.

But in the new year, this is getting a little complicated, as the walls of Madrid are getting walls of painted walls, with a lot of them being walled.

The mural in question, titled “Walled City” was painted by Pablo Eguiluz, who was born in the Spanish city of Siena.

The mural in the above image is one of more than a dozen that Eguis had created in Sienà, a city in northeastern Spain, between 2007 and 2015.

In total, they covered nearly 1,000 square meters.

The artworks, which are now up for sale, include a mural of the city wall, a portrait of the late Mayor José Ángel Gutiérrez and a mural that was created by Egui.

The wall mural was created with the help of the municipality of Sioschero, a town near the city of Bologna, the home of the architect Antonio Di Stefano, who died in 2007.

The town is part of the Madrid region, and it was Gutierto who commissioned the work, which was the result of an art gallery he ran in the town.

According to The Local, a Spanish newspaper, Egu was a “loner” who “didn’t fit in with the normal way of things,” and he did not fit in at all in Madrid, where he lived for much of his life.

“There were people who knew him, but he was not one of them,” a local artist told the newspaper.

“I was very surprised to learn that Pablo Egon was an artist, that he lived in the city and was able to work and paint and decorate the city.

I think that’s a testament to his genius.”

The mural was originally installed on May 9, 2016, and quickly went viral, as many people in Madrid found the idea of a wall painting quite charming.

The “Walls of Siens” is now being displayed in the gallery of the artist.

In the past, Egon had created a similar mural that would have been hung in the mayor’s office.

It’s not clear what the artist’s motivation was for this latest painting, but the mural was featured in a book of works by the architect’s son, José Miguel Eguíquez.