Beijing city walls, the best and worst of Beijing, and the best place to go to for a view

Beijing, the capital of China, is the biggest city in the country.

Here are our top 10 cities for a good view, from the top of the Eiffel Tower to the top floor of the Great Hall of the People.


Eiffels tower Beijing: 9.7 metres (26ft) The Eiffeling Tower is the tallest building in the world and the tallest in China.

It is one of the few things in China that isn’t a skyscraper, which makes it a good place to visit for a great view.

Its an indoor tower and the views from it are amazing.

But its also the site of a series of bombings that killed at least 50 people and injured more than 1,000 in 2002.

It also houses the Communist Party headquarters, the Forbidden City, which is where Mao Zedong and the Communist regime ruled China from 1949 to 1976.

You can’t really go there if you don’t want to, but its worth a visit.

There are also many other historic and architectural treasures inside the Eifel Tower, which you can find out about if you want to.

The Eifels Tower is now a landmark for the Chinese government and is known as the Chinese equivalent of the Grand Canyon.

You should definitely visit it as a tourist.


Forbidden City The Forbidden City is a huge, dark, maze-like structure that houses the Forbidden Palace.

The Forbidden Palace is the most visited tourist attraction in China, with more than 300,000 people visiting each year.

In its first years, visitors were forced to crawl through the tunnels and staircases to get to the palace.

The palace is the only structure in the Forbidden city that is open to the public.

There is no access to the Forbidden Zone, the main area of the Forbidden Capital that is the center of the city.

The area around the Forbidden palace is closed off to the general public and even some VIPs and military personnel.

The first and second floors are closed off for security reasons.

You’ll have to go down to the ground floor to access the underground passages.

You could also get to some of the upper floors of the building if you wanted to see the Forbidden Tower.

There’s even a tunnel that leads down to a cave, though it’s a bit dangerous.


Forbidden Palace Forbidden Palace, or the Forbidden Land, is a vast, underground area that includes a vast underground complex of tunnels.

It was once the home of the palace, but the palace is now home to the government and has become a prison.

There was a time when the Forbidden Kingdom was ruled by the Emperor, but during the Great Wall construction the palace became the site for the Forbidden War.

The war is still ongoing.

The main building in this Forbidden City has been destroyed by a massive earthquake in 2015, but a lot of buildings still remain.

The city was also the scene of the biggest fire in history, when a massive fire engulfed the Forbidden Town building.

It’s not safe to enter the Forbidden Place, so people have been leaving their valuables inside and going underground to try to escape the fire.

There has been a lot more activity in the area in recent years, so you should definitely check out this area of Forbidden Palace to see if you can see anything.

You won’t find the Forbidden House, but there are a few statues of the emperor there that have been moved to the other side of the wall to prevent the building from collapsing.

The other part of the complex, the Great Palace, is not open to visitors, but it’s also a place to learn about history and culture.

There also is a giant statue of the late Emperor Qianlong and a statue of his daughter, Empress Dowager Bei, that sits in the middle of the courtyard.


Forbidden Zone A giant statue sits in one of Beijing’s underground tunnels, with a few other statues of historical figures.

This area is known to be the scene for the most serious and violent crime in the city, especially in recent times.

A lot of people have died in underground tunnels and firefights, so be careful.


The Great Hall Of The People The Great Halls of the Peoples is one the most historic parts of Beijing.

It includes the Forbidden Court, the Grand Hall, the Palace of the Sun, the Louvre, the Museum of Fine Arts, the National Museum of History and Culture, the Beijing Museum of Art, the Shanghai Museum of Science and Technology, and more.

You must enter the Great Halls by getting through a series and large stone stairs.

The stairs have no locks so people will get lost.

You may also have to get through the gates to enter, which will be very intimidating.

The most famous entrance is the Great Gate, which opens to the street outside.

Inside, you’ll find the Hall of Justice, the Court of State and many more of the rooms of the Palace.

There have also