Which city wall is your favorite?

I’d say the “Walled City” wall in Brooklyn, New York, which has been the site of several violent clashes between protestors and police in recent months, but the city’s other main wall, which spans the city and spans the river, has received more attention.

The city’s newest wall, a $3 billion project designed to protect the city from flooding and hurricanes, is located on the edge of Brooklyn.

It is also part of a larger, $1.8 billion project to replace the old City Hall, which was torn down by Hurricane Irene in 2014.

The wall’s construction started in 2013, and construction on the project has been in a steady state since then.

The new wall is set to open in 2019.

According to the New York Times, it will “be the largest and most comprehensive and integrated urban infrastructure project in the country.”

It will include the removal of barriers and construction of pedestrian walkways and landscaping along the entire length of the wall.

The project will also include more than 2,000 new police officers, a new subway station, and several new public art projects, including a new statue of a woman in an elaborate dress and a mural of the city in the shape of a wicker basket.

The cost of the project will be $8.3 billion, and the total project will cost $1 trillion, according to the Times.

The barrier is the tallest structure on the wall, and it has been installed on the east side of the bridge.

It will be a barrier that will cover a large area, and has a concrete base and steel base, the newspaper reported.

The barriers are made of concrete and will be raised to allow people to walk over them.

The New York Post reported that the barrier is being constructed with $400 million in federal grants.

The construction of the barrier will be completed in 2019 and will last for about 25 years.

The fence around the city will also be removed and replaced with a new fence that will be more than four times as high.

The old barrier will stay in place and be replaced by a fence that has an area of about six feet by seven feet, according the New Yorker.

The newspaper also reported that an additional barrier will cover the entire island of Staten Island and the Statue of Liberty.

The Barrier Project also included a $1 billion plan to replace a city bridge that is currently at the site, the paper reported.

That bridge is located just across the street from where the New Jersey state house is located, and is located a block away from the Statue.

The replacement bridge will be the largest bridge in the world, and will span more than five miles of river, the Post reported.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has proposed spending $150 million on the new barrier, and said that the project is a “significant and ambitious project” that will “have a significant impact on New Yorkers and the city.”

The barrier will also protect against flooding and storms.

The Associated Press reported that city officials have also been working to upgrade the existing barrier.

The City Council approved the barrier in 2015, and plans for the wall were approved by the City Council last month.

It took a while to approve the project.

The $1-trillion barrier will not be the first barrier to be built along the river in New York.

The state government has been constructing a $5-billion barrier along the St. Lawrence River, which runs through New Orleans, since 2002.

The State Department has also been building a barrier along a portion of the Mississippi River for years, and recently completed the construction of a barrier on a portion on the Ohio River.