Which is which? Orlando police officers and city wall

A day after a group of police officers stood outside the Orlando City Hall building for hours, they were ordered out.

The city’s police union, the Fraternal Order of Police, and the Orlando Police Department said in a joint statement that officers would remain outside the building until the union was satisfied with their actions.

Orlando police Lt.

Chris Cottrell said officers were asked to leave the building Thursday morning because they “are not comfortable with our officers working in a dangerous and stressful environment.”

He said that the city has not yet decided on a replacement officer, but that he is confident officers will be back in the building at some point.

“We’re hoping to be back,” Cottrel said.

The officers who remained outside said they wanted to be clear that they were protesting for the right to protest peacefully, and not just because they were white.

The group of officers, led by Sgt. Michael Schott, held up signs saying “black lives matter,” “white lives matter” and “black is beautiful.”

Cottsell said they did not want to “escalate tensions” and that they would remain there until the situation is resolved.

Orlando Police Chief John Mina said the department would not be able to answer questions from the media.

The Fraternal Organizing Committee of the Police Officers’ Benevolent Association also stood outside City Hall.

The union said that it is not aware of any other instances in which police officers have been asked to evacuate the building.

A spokeswoman for the city said that no officers have expressed any intention to leave.

Police officers, who have long been subject to the city’s “anti-cop” rhetoric, have long complained about the presence of police on city streets, often at night.

They have said that officers have acted aggressively toward them and their families in recent months.

Cottrol said that while the officers were “doing the right thing,” they did make a mistake by staying outside, even if it was for only two hours.

He said the officers had a right to remain, but he would not elaborate.

Cops and activists have been at loggerheads for weeks over police brutality and other issues.

On Wednesday, a group called Black Lives Matter held a protest outside City Council chambers, and about 100 people showed up for a demonstration in front of the Orlando Sentinel.

The protest quickly turned violent, and officers were forced to retreat from the city hall.

Police say officers did not commit a crime, but the demonstrators say they are accusing them of breaking windows and setting fires.

The department has also said that there was no indication that anyone in the city was being harmed or threatened.

The police department is still investigating the incident and the city attorney is reviewing whether to file charges.

A separate incident involving an officer was reported Thursday morning when a man and his wife were injured in an exchange of gunfire outside the city government building.

The couple, who were not injured, have been charged with attempted murder, the police department said.

Police said that they are still looking for a suspect.

In a statement, the department said it “continues to investigate the incident.”

Police Commissioner John Molloy said in an interview on “The Kelly File” on Tuesday that he had been aware of the protesters’ intention to protest, and said he would have told them to leave if they did.

“It’s not something we ever wanted to see happen,” Mollroy said.

“That’s just one example of the kinds of things that go on with that type of thing.

But I didn’t want it to happen.

And I certainly wouldn’t have said, ‘You have to leave.’

Mollory said that, after the shooting, he talked to his chief of staff, and then with Mina, about what happened. “

There were other instances, and unfortunately there’s other instances that happen,” he said.

Mollory said that, after the shooting, he talked to his chief of staff, and then with Mina, about what happened.

Mina was not available for an interview, but a city official said that Mollories “attitude changed” after the protests.

“I think that he’s not a bad cop,” the official said.

But the official added that he did not think the officers would be allowed back into City Hall again.

COTTREL: ‘We’ll be back’ Police officers have said they were unhappy about the police presence, and they have called for the removal of the officers.

“The Orlando Police Officers Association and the Fraternity of the American Police Association have not taken a position on the police conduct in this case, and have asked that officers be allowed to remain in the City Hall,” the union said in its statement.

“But in the meantime, they are welcome to remain where they are, if they choose.

The Orlando Police and the City of Orlando have not yet made a decision on whether or not to allow them to remain.

We will remain vigilant to ensure”

As such, officers have a responsibility to remain as safe as possible.

We will remain vigilant to ensure