The latest in the advertising boom from Paris City Walls

LONDON — Paris City Walls, the advertising powerhouse behind some of the most iconic brands of the past half century, is about to start showing the ads on billboards and on TV, the company announced Tuesday.

The move marks a return to the advertising world that the company was once synonymous with, but it’s a welcome move for consumers who are not used to seeing advertising on billboards.

“It’s a fantastic time for the advertising industry,” Paris City Wall’s CEO, Daniela DeGrom, said in a statement.

“I’ve seen it all over the world.

It’s just that this time, with a much more creative brand that’s more accessible and engaging, it’s really exciting.”

DeGrome, who co-founded the company with David Mays, a partner in New York’s Adweek, said that for the past six months, Paris City’s ads have been running on billboards, but that they were only showing the images that the brand was displaying, and that they would not be showing the brand’s logo.

“We have to be honest with you, this isn’t the first time we’ve shown a brand on billboards,” she said.

“But for this campaign, we wanted to be sure that the message was clear.”

De Grom added that she hoped the ads would “engender the curiosity of our clients,” but that the focus is not on the brand.

The company has been expanding in the United Kingdom, where it launched last year in the U.K. market.

It also operates in France, the Netherlands and Italy.

The brand has been featured in more than 1,300 advertisements in the last year, according to a company spokesperson.

DeGrom said that Paris City had been experimenting with its brand since the mid-1990s, and was “always looking to improve and grow” and had launched a range of ads with brands like Nike and Adidas.

Paris City also has a global presence in Europe, with its logo appearing on billboards in Germany, Italy, Poland and Belgium.

Parisian advertising is currently the third largest market for the company, after the United States and China.

Paris’s brand was acquired by an American media group in 2008, which renamed it DeGroman.

Parisians are also used to being told that their ads will be seen by others, said De Grome.

She said that the new advertising strategy will allow the brand to better engage with consumers and make them feel “more like an actual product.”

Paris is a city of over 7 million people.

The city is also home to the World Trade Center, a symbol of the 2001 terror attacks that killed nearly 3,000 people.

A spokesperson for Paris City said the company had no comment on whether the ads will still run on billboards or TV.

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