Siena: The world’s coolest tattoo artist takes on the Wall

We’ve got the world’s best tattoo artist taking on the wall at Sienac College.

It’s a tattoo parlor that’s been in business since 1986.

But its owners, the Sienas, have never made the Wall a regular feature of their event.

We went in with our camera and got a taste of Sienabla. 

The walls in Sienae were painted over during renovations to the university campus, which the Sens bought in 1996 for $4.5 million.

The old school building’s facade is still there, but the walls are now covered in colorful murals.

The murals, each about 1,200 by 1,600, feature designs inspired by the famous mural on the Sunken City wall in Brooklyn.

The Sienabs say they’re trying to reclaim the murals and the Wall by making them accessible. 

Siena’s Wall is a tattoo art space located at 717 East Washington Street.

 Inside, there’s a wide-ranging range of artwork, including a series of paintings by Michael Littman.

I like his work because it’s so varied.

I think it’s really great that he’s trying to make this place a little more accessible.

There’s also a lot of really interesting murals that are a little different from what I’ve seen before.

The Wall, however, is what you get when you walk in.

You get a wall of painted words and the words are all different, which is a really interesting thing for an artist to try and work with. 

Sienablas owner Scott Sienaweski says the idea behind the mural was to create a wall for the Sontas, the students who live in the building.

They wanted a place that was more accessible for them, because the Siens are from a very different social class than the students in the surrounding area.

It was just an artistic opportunity to bring the Sientas together and create a little bit of a connection.

The Siens have been in the business since the early 1980s.

The Sienan, who also run the Soho Tattoo Parlor, says they first got involved in tattooing in 1992 when a young man came to visit and asked to have his name painted on a wall.

Scott told the man to get in touch with Sienata because he had the rights to do what he wanted. 

A year later, the student went to a local tattoo parlour to get his name tattooed on a piece of wood.

Scott then started getting commissions for other students, including students at nearby New York University.

Scott says they have about 100 artists in the Sengas family.

He says the Sients are one of the most successful tattoo artists in New York.

“They’re in it for the long haul,” Scott said.