How the city of Dubrovnik is crumbling after a devastating quake

Dubrovnica is a small town with a population of just 4,000.

It has been the scene of devastating earthquakes in the past, and after the 2008 one, the government of the Czech Republic, under the leadership of the late Milos Zeman, decided to put up walls around the city.

The walls were not just to keep people away from each other but to prevent any potential damage to the buildings.

However, Dubrovnick, like many other cities in the region, has been suffering from the earthquake that hit the Czech capital last year.

The Dubrovnicienia region is one of the poorest in the country, according to the World Bank, but it has also experienced some very big changes.

The Dubrovnišček area, home to more than 4,400 people, was hit hard by the quake.

The city was left completely devastated, with only a few buildings left standing.

In 2016, the Czech government ordered that Dubrovns buildings be demolished.

In January, the city was re-built.

However there are still some areas that have not been rebuilt, as well as some structures that have collapsed.

The new building that Dubravnik residents have been renovating is the city wall.

A new bridge was built in order to connect Dubrovny to the town of Dubojevne, which was also hit by the earthquake.

The bridge has been completed, but the construction has not yet been completed on the entire city wall, which will be up to 10 meters (32 feet) high and 30 meters (98 feet) wide.