Quebec: ‘A lot of things are being looked at’

The city of Quebac in the state of Quebec has a lot of questions to answer regarding the massive police response to a recent police shooting, but one thing is for certain: the city is looking at all possible avenues of attack.

“A lot is being looked [at] and we’re going to make sure that we’re not putting a whole lot of pressure on the people in the city, which is a good thing, and it’s a bad thing,” said Quebec City Police Chief Gilles Michaud on Friday, as he described the police response.

“But I also want to emphasize that we are still looking at ways to do this.”

It’s not just the Quebec government’s response that is being scrutinized.

On Friday, a spokesperson for the federal Department of Justice said the federal government would be examining the “pattern and practice of the Quebec police force” in the wake of the shooting.

“We will continue to work with provincial authorities, including Quebec’s police service, to ensure that we have the appropriate resources to address the challenges faced by our community,” the spokesperson said.

“Our federal partners, including the U.S. Justice Department, will be monitoring the situation closely and will work with all provinces and territories to ensure the proper response is put in place.”

Michaud also spoke out about the potential for the Quebec City wall to come down.

“The wall was going to be built and the people were going to come in,” he said.

“The wall will go down, but the city of Quebec will still be there.”

Watch below to hear more from Quebec City Chief of Police Gilles M. Michaud.