Why I’m not a fan of the city wall image

A recent Reddit post prompted a few comments from users, who said the city-like landscape looks better on the big screen.

“It’s too dark,” wrote user _Luna_.

“If it was brighter and less distracting I would definitely recommend it.”

“It looks more like the ‘real world’ than the city,” user _The_Real_One said.

“I’m still not sure what the point of the actual city is, but it looks cool.”

“Not bad for a first person experience,” user mikej_ wrote.

“The buildings and street scenes are quite interesting to look at and the architecture looks more futuristic than a lot of the urban environments.”

“The city looks more natural looking than the skyscrapers that look so much like their real-life counterparts,” user katiey wrote. 

“The city has a lot more personality to it,” user davew wrote.

“The streets are designed in a way that doesn’t look too traditional like a typical skyscraper.

It’s much more laid back and modern.”

The city also has a very distinct feel to it.

“A lot of people are annoyed by the contrast,” user iknig wrote.

“[I]f I could get past that I’d be more than happy.”

The urban style can be a challenge for players.

“People love the city, but if you get too attached to it it can become boring and it can make you forget about the other missions,” user jen_n wrote.

In a recent survey, the City of Heroes team found that players wanted to be able to “move freely and interact with the game world” in order to “enjoy the city.”

“We are constantly looking at how to make the city feel more alive and alive to the player,” the survey read.

In the survey, players also gave several suggestions for how to “improve the city and its design.”

You can read the full results of the survey here.