What is Aleppo wall mural?

The mural in the walled town of Aleppo, Syria, depicts the city wall as it was in the 1920s.

“This is the most important mural in Aleppo, the city that will be destroyed by the occupation,” the mural reads.

It was painted in a ceremony attended by government and rebel forces.

(Reuters)The mural was unveiled by the Aleppo City Walls Organization on Thursday.

“The government forces in Aleppo are going to destroy the city with the help of the Syrian army and their allies,” said a statement issued by the city walls organization, which represents Syrian opposition forces and their supporters.

The mural, which was commissioned by the government, shows the city of Aleppo in the days of the Ottoman Empire, which fell in the First World War.

Aleppo is located on the Euphrates River in the northeast of Syria, near the Turkish border.

It depicts the Turkish-backed Syrian regime as occupying Aleppo, but the mural also shows the Syrian opposition, as well as local populations, supporting the regime.

“We created the mural with the participation of the people of Aleppo,” said Mustafa, who is the director of the Aleppo wall wall organization.

“It’s important to show the people who are supporting the revolution and its leadership.

It shows their support for the revolution, and the revolution in Syria.”

In the city, the mural has become an unofficial memorial to the Ottoman era, with people passing it around to remember their heritage.

The Turkish government and rebels have both said that the wall will be demolished.

The government said it would destroy the wall if rebels continued to block its construction.

The opposition, meanwhile, has demanded the removal of the mural from the walls.

“For us, it’s an insult to the history of the city and to all its people.

It’s not just about the walls, it is about the history, the history that is behind them,” Mustafa said.”

We have a history of being in Syria for many years.

We have a strong tradition, and we will continue to carry on,” he said.

“But if the government wants to destroy this wall, they will have to demolish it.”