How to build a walled-city walled town in a few weeks

The first of the walled cities that will be built around the world will be in the Philippines.

The first of these walled communities is already underway in Kotor City in Kailua City in the country’s northeast.

It is called ‘Cejka City’, named after a city wall in the Kailuan province of Mindanao.

The wall is expected to be finished in three to four months.

It is the first of several phases of the new ‘Cecka City’ in the new city walled region of Mindao.

The second phase is the construction of the second city wall covering the city of Kotor, in the central province of Luzon.

The city wall will cover an area of 8.7 square kilometers (2,100 square miles).

This will make it the biggest walled municipality in the world.

The third and final phase is ‘Makati City’ with the construction starting in two years.

The third phase is expected be completed in two to three years, said Chief Executive Officer Dr. Jose Rizal.

The Philippines has already built more than 50 of these walls, said Dr. Rizu.

There are two more phases of these ‘CEC’ walls planned.

The walls are expected to cover a area of 7.4 square kilometers, covering an area the size of the United States.

In comparison, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Japan, Canada, and Australia have their own walled urban areas.

The United States, Mexico, and China are also building ‘Wall City’ walls, the most recent of which covers a city in the south of the country.

These walls are also expected to become the standard in the next decade or so.