Breitbart News: New Video Shows NYC’s Walls Are A ‘Building Of War’

New video released on Wednesday shows New York City’s Wall Street “building of war” and the destruction it causes, while New Yorkers pay a heavy price for it.

In the video, which was posted to YouTube on Tuesday, residents of New York can be heard complaining about the amount of noise they are experiencing on their streets, which are often filled with tourists.

“I’m trying to get away from the noise, but I can’t,” one man says in the video.

“They’re coming and going so fast and it’s so loud, I’m hearing my neighbors screaming.”

One man says, “The noise is unbearable.

I can hear my neighbors from five blocks away.”

The man is identified as John Osterman, who lives in the Harlem neighborhood of Flatbush.

He told the New York Daily News he heard the noise in the neighborhood for years.

“My neighbor said they were going to build a wall to stop people from walking down the street,” he said.

“But now they’re going to destroy it.”

Osterman told the Daily News that his neighborhood has been plagued by the noise for years, and he was not surprised when he saw the video last week.

“This wall was built for protection, and now they want to destroy the wall and turn it into a wall of sound,” he told the newspaper.

“It’s a building of war.”

The video also showed the destruction caused by the Wall Street Wall, a $16 billion wall along the city’s West Side, which is now being constructed along the waterfront, according to Bloomberg.

In its report on the project, Bloomberg’s executive editor said the Wall has been an “important catalyst” in the development of Manhattan.

The Wall was originally built by the American Insurance Association, which later became a consortium of Wall Street banks, according Bloomberg.

It was built in the late 1970s as a way to prevent financial fraud and money laundering by foreign nationals, according the report.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.