When it comes to the Polytopia city walls

We’ve spent the last few weeks building an amazing city wall out of the polytopes we collected on our own island.

It is, in our minds, a living and breathing monument to the strength of our civilization, but for all its beauty, it’s also an incredibly difficult and dangerous place.

Our goal is to create a city that will endure the elements, withstand the storms, and eventually be built from scratch.

To that end, we have spent a lot of time researching and constructing the structure ourselves.

We’ve gone so far as to build all of our own materials, like our own soil and our own concrete.

Our only hope is that the city wall will withstand the elements for decades.

And then when it does, we’ll build a museum to showcase what we’ve accomplished.

So please join us as we continue building this city.

For a preview of our project, click here.