What you need to know about Newcastle City Walls Band

A group of Chinese musicians have played their first ever gig in Newcastle.

The group played at the Newcastle city walls bar on Saturday evening and were joined by Chinese tourists who came to enjoy the nightlife in Newcastle with the band.

Chong Yiping, the band’s owner, said it was great to see Chinese people come to the city walls.

“It’s great to have Chinese people here and it’s great for Newcastle,” he said.

“I hope they have fun and enjoy their night here.”

Chinese tourists have been coming to the Newcastle City walls bar for the first time in yearsThe Newcastle city wall is home to an estimated 10,000 Chinese tourists each year.

The city wall’s owners have been trying to keep Chinese visitors out since it opened in 2017.

The band played their second gig in the bar at the end of September, but this time, they were joined with Chinese tourists.

Chang said the band had enjoyed a great time.

“We had the chance to see some of the Chinese tourists in the bars, and we were very happy about that,” he explained.

“There was a lot of Chinese tourists and they were very nice to us, and they said a lot to us.”

So we decided to put on some music, which we hope to do again.

“The Newcastle City Wall band will perform their first show in a monthThe band will play their first gig in a fortnightThe band plays its first gig for the second time in a yearThe band has played its first show since May