How to Protect Yourself From the Krakow City Walls

As the city of Kraków, Poland, was forced to relocate its entire population to a new city, the walls surrounding the city’s downtown have become increasingly threatening.

Now the walls of a once-lucrative shopping mall are also threatening to rise up against the city.

According to local media, a new security guard has arrived at the KFC Mall in Krakowsk, Poland to protect the new shopping center from the rising walls.

The guard, who has not been named, has been spotted walking around the mall in an attempt to avoid attracting the attention of the walls.

The Krakowitz mall is located in a neighborhood with a history of conflict, and Krakowski is known for its strong anti-immigrant and nationalist political sentiment.

The Krakovskie neighborhood, which has been a center of anti-government protests since the late 1990s, is also home to the Kirov Memorial, a monument dedicated to the victims of a deadly anti-Soviet terrorist attack in 1987.

The building was the scene of one of the worst mass killings in modern Polish history.

In addition to Krakowe’s new security guards, Krakodowice police are also protecting the nearby Walgreens and other retailers in the area.

According the Associated Press, the Kratoski, a popular chain of Polish grocery stores, has hired a security guard to protect its doors and windows.

The new security measures have raised the alarm in the neighborhood, as some residents have been warning of the possibility of a repeat of the 1989 uprising.

According a local media report, the local councilor said that the police had started the process of removing the security guards.

The councilor, Ryszard Wojciechowski, told reporters that the security guard is being paid for by Krakowa Krakona, the city councilor’s party.

“This is not a new problem,” he said.

“We have to act fast and not let the situation get out of hand.”

The mayor of Kratowice, Tomasz Bieliński, has called on residents to stay in their homes until the new security forces are gone.

“The walls will not fall, but they will not be there forever,” he told reporters.