How to Survive in a Zombie Apocalypse

What do you do if a zombie outbreak hits?

Are you prepared for a zombie apocalypse?

Here are 10 things to know.


Do you need a gun?

The city of Rhodes has some of the highest death rates in the country.

According to the CDC, there are an estimated 15,000 reported deaths per day from the virus.

A number of cities have reported an increase in fatalities since the outbreak began.

According the CDC’s most recent report, there have been an estimated 4,700 deaths from the coronavirus in the United States.

The city has one of the most violent crime rates in America.

According a recent report from the U.S. Department of Justice, Rhodes has the third highest murder rate in the nation.

This city is also the home to one of only two hospitals in the entire United States that has received approval from the Department of Veterans Affairs to treat the VA’s newly deceased.


Are you protected?

According to CNN, Rhodes is the only African country in the world that has a law that prohibits the practice of firearms.

The law also stipulates that residents are required to have at least two types of identification and to register with a local police department.

The government also provides for free and fair elections.


Do people live here?

Rhodes is home to more than 200,000 people, many of whom have been displaced from their homes due to the virus, according to the Rhodesian government.

It’s estimated that there are between 100,000 and 200, 000 people in Rhodes.

Residents in the city live on average 20 miles (32 kilometers) from the nearest public transportation.

According this map from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the population of Rhodes is about 15 percent black, 16 percent white and 2 percent Asian.


Do the police protect you?

The Rhodesian police are part of the country’s military, and they patrol the streets with batons and tear gas.

This is one of many ways that the police have been deployed in Rhodes to fight the virus outbreak.

The police in Rhodes have not responded to the recent Ebola outbreak in the town of Zaire.

However, many residents in Rhodes live in constant fear of the police.


Are there food trucks?

Many residents of Rhodes have complained that food trucks have not been available in the neighborhood for months.

The trucks have been operating in the community, but they’ve been vandalized and have been targeted by looters, according the United Nations.

Some residents say they are afraid to return to their homes because the trucks are not allowed to operate.

According CNN, residents in Zaire have been unable to purchase food from food trucks because of the outbreak.


Are the houses damaged?

Homes have been destroyed in Rhodes due to a lack of basic infrastructure.

Some of the homes that are destroyed in the recent outbreak have been found to be uninhabitable.

Some homes in Rhodes are also riddled with holes and have collapsed.

According The Hill, there has been a lack in proper building standards and adequate repairs in the homes in the area.


Are people allowed to drink?

Yes, you are allowed to have drinks in Rhodes and you can bring your own alcohol.

However you are not able to drink in the parks, parks, restaurants, bars and other places that residents of the city have been allowed to enjoy.

There are a number of restrictions on what can be brought into the city.

Residents of Rhodes are not permitted to bring water into the country, or into their own home.

In order to drink, residents must bring their own containers.

Residents must have a valid ID that can be verified at a government facility or a state-issued ID card.

Residents can only bring alcohol into the house, and it must be for a limited period of time.

Residents cannot bring in food, unless it is prepared with a certain recipe.

Residents are not welcome to bring in any sort of food waste.


Are all residents vaccinated?


According To The Hill’s report, the government has ordered the mandatory vaccination of residents in the Rhodes region.

According WAM, the vaccination plan is being implemented in a city that has not been hit with a major pandemic.

According News24, health officials in Rhodes told CNN that the vaccine is being administered to residents in a targeted manner, and there will be an announcement from the government soon.


Are residents allowed to return home?

Residents in Rhodes can return home at any time, according CNN.

However they are not supposed to leave their homes, according WAM.

Residents may return to Rhodes for a few days, but will be required to leave again once the city has been completely cleared.

Residents who are required by law to stay in the region for a period of at least 72 hours can return only if they have the proper ID. 10.

Are locals allowed to take their dogs to the zoo?

Yes and no.

According KVU,