How to get a wall built in Cologne city wall

The city of Cologne is planning to build a wall around its main thoroughfare in an attempt to stop migrants from illegally entering Germany.

According to the local news website Die Welt, city authorities have now approved the idea of building a 1.4km (1.1 mile) wall around the city’s main boulevard in the centre of Cologne.

“The wall will be a concrete barrier in front of the city centre,” said a spokesperson for the city, who did not want to be named.

“It will be made from bricks and cement.

The walls will be built on an irregularly shaped base.”

According to a report in German magazine Der Spiegel, the city is looking to build the wall at a cost of €3 million.

“There are two ways of building it,” the spokesperson added.

“The first one is to install the wall on top of the existing wall and to attach a concrete slab to the wall.

The other option is to build an existing concrete barrier and erect a new one.”

There are also plans to install fencing and a road in the area around the boulevard, according to Der Spiegel.

“We need to take the necessary precautions, including with regard to building standards and the safety of our citizens,” the city spokesperson added, “as well as the use of proper materials, including cement and concrete.”

It is unclear how long the wall will last, and it remains to be seen if the wall is even feasible.

According the report, the new wall will contain barriers and barriers can be fitted to the walls to prevent migrants from entering the city by land or sea.

The city is also reportedly working on the construction of a new fence, with a wall and concrete pad set to be built in the nearby town of Wuerzburg.