‘Berlin Wall City’ mural gets $20k from local business owners

Berlin, Germany — In a city famed for its iconic German Wall, a mural by a local artist has raised nearly $20,000 in a crowdfunding campaign that will be donated to the local business community.

The mural, which is called ‘Berlins Wall City,’ is by photographer and muralist Robert Schmelzer, who has been making murals for a decade.

He said he decided to make the mural because he felt like it’s “an appropriate tribute to the wall itself,” according to a post on the artist’s Facebook page.

“The wall is a symbol of our shared history of the city and the challenges it has faced,” Schmeller wrote.

“The mural captures the essence of that struggle.”

The mural was completed in August, but it wasn’t until this past weekend that it was featured on the walls of businesses in the town of Dürrheim.

The artwork depicts a German army soldier standing atop the Berlin Wall, with a caption reading, “Berlin’s Wall.”

“We want the wall to become a symbol for the people of Dörheim, of the community and of the world,” the artist said.

“We hope to see it as a place where you can walk and express yourself without fear.”

A group of artists will be working on a mural of the same building in the spring, according to the German news site Spiegel.

They will also be painting a mural on the wall in the autumn.

“It’s a great feeling to be able to show that there is something here,” Schmutzler said.