Jerusalem’s City Walls Band: We Want to Build a Bigger World

We’re a band of urban explorers and artists who want to create a bigger, bolder, and more ambitious city.

The band of five young musicians from Jerusalem, the capital of Israel, have made a name for themselves through their independent work and collaborations with a variety of local and international artists.

The band’s first major project was the release of a record called City Walls, a collection of music from a series of songs, including the original score by composer Zalman Shabtai.

But since then, they’ve focused their efforts on building their own unique brand, and we caught up with the five-member group about their plans for the future.

The City Walls band members:Tasha: I’m Tasha, and I’m 22 years old.

I’m from Jerusalem.

I grew up in Jerusalem.

My father is from Jerusalem and my mother is from the Galilee.

My favorite thing to do in Jerusalem is to visit my friends, and for me, the biggest part of the city is my friends.

I love being around people who are open-minded and curious about the world around them.

I like to travel, but I also like to see the things that I enjoy and what I enjoy about the city.

We like to play in the parks and on the street, in the open spaces, and in the streets.

We have a good time.

It’s like going on a date.

There’s nothing that’s bad about the people around you.

The people are just curious.

I like to hang out in the city and we play a lot of gigs and I like the atmosphere, the atmosphere is really good.

The first album we did was in 2016, we were already friends, but we had already done the first record with Zalmen Shabti, and that was a really good record.

And we were ready for a big record.

We were excited to do a bigger record, and now that we have City Walls we are going to be a band.

We want to build a bigger and bolder city.

It will be a world of new and interesting experiences.

But also we want to keep it real and to have a real sense of pride in the place that we’re in.

And we are in the process of working on a second record.

The first one was the most popular and the most ambitious.

And now, with City Walls there is a different feel.

We are creating something bigger and we are trying to find a place where we can keep the integrity of the music and the art.

We hope that the band will continue to grow.

And also we are not going to let our past disappoint us.

We want to have our fans in Jerusalem and we want them to be in the band.

The other band members have similar ambitions, and they’re going to do the same thing: They want to expand their own brand and they want to bring out new artists and artists from around the world.

Tasha, who is a music director, is also the producer.

Her husband, Yossi, is the drummer.

Toby is a graphic designer and graphic artist.

He has done a lot with his work and he has been involved in a lot projects for the band, including its record label.

Tara is the bassist and arranger.

He is also a member of the band and has a big part in their live performances.

Yossi is also an engineer.

He also does sound design for the album and also produces the music videos.

He’s been involved with the band since the beginning.

The group has a strong connection with the Palestinian community in Jerusalem, where they live.

Tasha grew up as a resident of East Jerusalem, and she has been living in the area since she was a little girl.

She was the only girl in her class and now she’s a young girl.

I hope to be able to take her home.

We hope to get back to our roots and live as a Palestinian band in Jerusalem so that we can bring our culture and our culture will have a place in this world.