How much can you save on the cost of your holiday in Berlin?

You’ll have to get your travel insurance before you get to Berlin, but you can save money with an optional travel insurance policy.

You can use the policy if you’re not sure about the amount of travel you’re entitled to, or you can buy it from the city’s public transport network.

You’ll pay between €20 and €100 for a policy, depending on how much you travel.

The policy will be sent to you after your return home, so you’ll need to return the card within 14 days.

This is a good time to change your itinerary if you get separated from your travel companion and want to get back in touch.

For example, you could buy a policy in Berlin in the days before your departure, but not when you arrive home.

If you get on a train or plane before you arrive, you won’t have to pay any extra for your travel card.

But you’ll also need to get a copy of the policy and fill out an online form.

If the cost is €100 or more, you’ll have the option to buy an insurance policy for €20.

Here are some tips on how to save money on your travel in Berlin.

Check your policy first If you need to change a travel plan, you should check with your insurance company first.

If they’re not in favour of you using the policy, you can cancel it, and you’ll only pay the difference.

For more information, visit the Berlin Transport Agency.

Book your flight online You can book your travel online.

For less expensive fares, check the Berlin Air Transport website for deals on flights to the capital.

The Berlin Travel Association offers a travel agent service, which lets you book flights from Berlin to cities such as Cologne, Hamburg, and Vienna.

Booking an international flight to Berlin is expensive, but the price difference can be significant.

Berlin’s Air Transport Agency has a cheap flight calculator that you can use to find the cheapest flight to your destination.

You could also book from your home country to Berlin for €30, but that’s usually cheaper.

Travel insurance in Germany You’ll need your travel policy if there’s a possibility of a collision or injury.

However, insurance doesn’t cover any other risks that could be caused during your stay.

In Germany, your insurance policy covers any damage, damage to property, loss of personal belongings or even theft.

For travel insurance in Berlin, you need a policy that’s not a liability policy, meaning that it’s not covered if someone loses your passport or other property.

If your insurance does cover a potential liability claim, your policy will also cover damages caused by a fall or injury to the body or person, or a loss of a car.

Read more about travel insurance.

If there’s no guarantee of your travel, you might need to buy your travel ticket in advance.

This can be expensive, so check with the Berlin Airport or the German Federal Office of Public Information before you travel, and ask your travel agent for an estimate.

You might also need a personal insurance policy, which is generally much cheaper.

If this isn’t possible, you will need to book a ticket online.

Read our Berlin travel guide to find out more about how to buy travel insurance and how to choose a travel insurance provider.

If, on the other hand, you have a personal liability policy you can’t cancel, you must buy the policy on the spot.

This means you’ll pay for the insurance yourself.